Can I take a bounce house or water slide to any park when I rent a pavilion?

Bounce houses are only allowed at Campbell Park.   You cannot use a water slide as we do not provide water.  A generator is required as we also do not provide electricity.  If you take a bounce house to Campbell Park, the company providing the bounce house will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Parks and Recreation Department and that Certificate has to list the City of Deltona as an additional insured and the City has to be endorsed on the policy.  The company can contact us at (386) 878-8900 or fax the requested information to (386) 878-8901.  You may also call us at (386) 878-8900 for an approved list of bounce house companies who have already provided their insurance information.  We do not provide electricity.  The company providing the service has to provide the power (generator) to operate the bounce house(s).